Where Cretan tradition meets gourmet quality!
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Artisan products made by hand in beautiful Crete

Those of you who've been to Crete, have experienced first-hand the pure delicacies this beautiful Mediterranean island has to offer.  After all, the famous healthy Mediterranean diet is synonymous with the island of Crete.

Since ancient times, the Cretan cuisine rich in local olive oil, vegetables, fruit, honey and wine, all of exceptional quality has been associated with longevity and health.

That's the reason why the global scientific community does not talk so much about the Cretan cuisine but rather about the miracle of the Cretan diet!

At EatCrete we are passionate about Crete and traditional Cretan products.  So, by placing great emphasis on quality and also packaging, we have created a line of excellent traditional Cretan products that can be found and sold on the shelves of the finest food-shops/ delicatessens in Greece and abroad.

All of EatCrete’s exquisite products are handmade without preservatives.  They are produced using old traditional recipes and only the best raw materials and highest production standards.  They are all authentic “made in Crete”.

The EatCrete team.


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EatCrete - Gourmet Tradition: Artisan sweet & savory biscuits and rusks baked by hand in beautiful Crete plus wild mountain herbs & thyme honey. 

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