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Welcome to, the premier online shop for gourmet traditional and organic food products from beautiful Crete.  

Those of you who've been to Crete, have experienced first hand the pure delicacies this beautiful Mediterranean island has to offer. After all, the famous healthy Mediterranean diet is synonimous with the island of Crete. Since ancient times, the Cretan cuisine rich in local olive oil, vegetables, fruit, honey and wine of exceptional quality has been associated with longevity and health and that's the reason why the global scientific community does not talk so much about the Cretan cuisine but rather about the miracle of the Cretan diet! (you can find out more about the Cretan diet and Crete in the relevant sections inside our site).

We at are passionate about Crete and traditional Cretan products: The best Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olives, exquisite Cretan Vinegar, natural Honey, handpicked wild mountain Herbs and Teas, Spices, Handmade sweet and savoury Rusks and Biscuits, natural Pasta, homemade Jams & Preserves, amazing Wine and Raki, natural handmade Soaps with olive oil & herbs, Organic products and much, much more. Our online shop is unique in terms of quality, variety and service. Truly handmade, gourmet products made specialy for us by our independent producers. What you will not find here are mass produced, low-quality products typically found in many tourist shops, super markets and airports. In, you will get what you paid for, and that is a promise.

Through us, you will experience pure, handmade, natural Cretan delicacies produced with a lot of love and care by locals on every corner of the island. Furthermore, offers you the opportunity to read about Crete, its mythology, history, geography, culture, economy, alternative tourism and also about the unique Cretan products.

So, have a look around...we're sure you'll find many things you like. On our part we guarantee you the best quality and the friendliest service.

Happy shopping...!

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